Saba Therapy Services Overview

Saba Therapy offers a full range of consultation services. They aim to improve your health and well-being. Our skilled staff provides custom kinesiology, osteopathy, and ICBC physiotherapy. We use methods like clinical Pilates and corrective exercises. Our focus is on personal exercise therapy, holistic pain treatment, and injury recovery. Each treatment plan is tailored to your needs. You may be healing from an injury, managing a chronic disease, or improving your physical talents. Our dedicated professionals will be with you at every step. Take full advantage of our advisory services for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Manual Osteopathy

In Vancouver, our osteopathic team treats various conditions with holistic medicine. These include low back pain, sciatica, TMJ, headaches, migraines, and sports injuries. We aim to reduce pain and restore balance. We use techniques like muscular energy, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release.

kinesiology/ Personal Traning

Our kinesiologists boost your physical abilities. They use clinical Pilates, strength, and remedial exercises. Additionally, they offer personalized therapy. This helps you meet your health and fitness goals. It also ensures top care and prevents injuries.

ICBC Appointment

Are you covered by ICBC after a car accident? Our rehab regimens are thorough. They include tailored treatment, strength exercises, and pain relief. They will help you regain strength and function. Our multidisciplinary team provides individualized, high-quality care from assessment to recovery.

Clinical Pilates

Our Clinical Pilates sessions combine classical Pilates with current rehabilitation treatments. Benefits include better posture, core strength, flexibility, and pain relief. Ideal for injury healing, controlling medical issues, and improving general health. Contact Saba Therapy today. Begin your journey to maximum health and well-being with our specialist services.

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